One area in which Hip Hop International stands out is certainly the clarity of the rules. There is always a certain subjectivity in judging dance and HHI gives judges, dancers and choreographers a series of objective criteria for the evaluation, execution and creation of the choreographic works. To ensure fairness and consistency, judges must undergo several hours of training before each competition, regardless of the judge's experience.

Hip Hop International is keen to ensure that Crews are evaluated, with the highest level of accuracy, by ready and certified judges. To achieve this Hip Hop International has formed over the years the Elite Judges, some of which have the qualification to teach the Rules & Regulations Workshop all over the world.

The Rules & Regulations Workshop (created by World Technical Director Ian Levia), is open to judges, choreographers, coaches, dancers and interested spectators. The purpose of the Rules & Regulations Workshop is to disseminate knowledge of Hip Hop International 's rules and help dancers and choreographers understand how to use it while maintaining their own identity.

After you receive your rules & regulations certificate you can then go on to take the next step the National Judges Course and begin your judging journey with HHI